Resurrection Lutheran
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Our Purpose and Values for our Identity as a Resurrection People

Our Purpose: (Who God has called us to be)  

Is to be an inviting, life-changing community in Christ

where people experience God in worship, in spirit and in relationships.


Our Mission: (How we accomplish our purpose)

Invite              Others to a relationship with Christ         

Grow              Together as Disciples of Christ                

Serve             Our Church, our community and the world as Christ calls us.


Our Values:         

A Passion for the Gospel, Personal discipleship and integrity, respect and compassion for others, loving, nurturing relationships, deep spirituality, and a generous spirit.


Our Beliefs. The Trinity:

God our Creator, Jesus our Redeemer,

The Holy Spirit – God’s active presence in our world.

We walk by Faith Alone ~ by God’s Grace Alone ~ Inspired by Scripture Alone

A priesthood of all believers engaging in a ministry of Word and Sacrament.

As the body of Christ we are the heart and hands of God in this world.


These ideals are at the center of all that we do. They form the basis for our decision-making, the principles around which we organize and the center of our faith as a Resurrection People. Adhering to this core is what gives us integrity as a Resurrection People.